Wube Keremela: the best of Ethiopia's contemporary scene

Next Monday Feb 18th at 8pm will be an evening showcasing the best of Ethiopia’s contemporary performing art scene

: from music and dance to circus, the night will be a reminder of what makes Ethiopia so special. Line up goes as follows (each group will perform for about 20min):
- Samuel Yirga needs no introduction : the one and only keyboard player blowing a fresh breeze into ethio-jazz by broadening his musical horizons and mixing a whole range of different influences.
- Pamfalon: by combining element’s of Hip-Hop and Reggae, Pamfalon’s music gives an honest look at the everyday life struggles and the uncertainty that lies within all of us. Aside from his unique and eclectic delivery, his music offers inspiration and lyrical substance. His artistry represents a lifestyle inevitable to a globally connected society.
- Ethiopian Records. የኢትዮጵያ & Azmari Synthesis : Ethiopian Records born Endeguena Mulu is one of the leading lights of Ethiopia’s burgeoning electronic music scene. He mixes Ethiopia’s traditional, jazz sounds and rhythms with electronic music from, UKG, Ambient music, and Bass music. With his own electric brew of unique sonic textures he created a new genre, which he named “Ethiopiyawi Electronic”. He will perform with his new ensemble of live traditional musicians including kebero, krar and washing.
- Fekat Circus was born in 2004 from the initiative of a group of young Ethiopian circus artists who shared a common dream: to create a circus for and with the youth, to empower them and give them a stage to shine on. 15 years later they are a rock in Ethiopia’s art scene paving the way for many others, moving mountains and spreading the image of contemporary Ethiopian circus around the world.
- Destino Dance Company Ethiopia fuses traditional Ethiopian dance with contemporary movements in a unique way. Subtly charismatic and intensively moving, DESTINO radiates grace and elegance.

Free entrance