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5 x 3h per week – Total: 60 hours

At the end of the session you will be able to:

  • From July 1st to July 30th

  • From August 1st to August 30th

Age Group

Age 11 to 14

Level 1 A: Recognize the French languages, greet someone, present yourself, describe someone, ask questions about teachers, school friends, subjects, talk in a class about assignments, make a phone call to friends, tell the date.

Level 1 B : Invite someone, accept or refuse an invitation, present your family, ask for something, ask questions on an object, describe an object, give orders instructions, advice, locate things in a space, talk about extracurricular activities, express sensations

Level 2 A : Situate in a given space, ask and give directions, follow an itinerary, ask and tell the time, describe your timetable, talk about the weather, give information on a country

Level 2B: Talk about your activities, say what’s allowed and what’s not, propose an activity, answer questions in the negative form, give your opinion, describe what someone is wearing, buy clothes, give advice, express ownership.


Each session lasts 1 month and all the modules are covered in 4 sessions


1A, 1B, 2A, 2B


Alliance Ethio-Française


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