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Session dates


2 x 1h30 or 1 x 3h

At the end of the session you will be able to:

  1. From January 2nd to March 17th

  1. From April 1st to June 15th
  1. From July 1st to September 15th

  1. From October 1st to December 15th

Age Group

Age 15 to 18

Level 1 A: Introduce yourself to a group, approach someone, greet , excuse yourself, say that you understand, say thank you, identify someone, ask for something, express your taste, talk about your activities and leisure, accept or refuse a proposal.

Level 1 B: Ask or say what you did, ask or give precisions about a schedule, choose a travel destination, make/accept/refuse a proposal, order at a restaurant, express ownership, say what’s similar or different.

Level 2 A : Recount your day, buy something, give instructions/advice, talk about aspects of life (places, weather…), describe your home, find your way, express a need, recall a memory shortly, present your family, give/ask information about someone’s biography

Level 2B:Talk about the means of communication, approach someone, express an opinion, explain a problem, give advice, talk about studies, present yourself or someone else, ask/give an explanation.


Each session lasts 10 weeks and all the modules are covered in 4 sessions


1A, 1B, 2A, 2B


Alliance Ethio-Française


Echo Junior A1 from the editors CLE INTERNATIONAL

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