Courses For Adults

Become fluent in French with our comprehensive curriculum that includes the fun of learning!

Our courses are structured to meet your needs, whether for everyday use, professional purpose, or academic development.

Our qualified and expert teachers focus on getting you to interact, communicate and work in a group setting throughout the course, learning in a friendly and immersive environment.

We will accompany you through the process of learning from an absolute beginner to an accomplished student, in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

We cover courses in a communicative and action-oriented manner, with a curriculum structured according to the six levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

A new formula!

Starting from January 2024, the Alliance Éthio-française in Addis Ababa has introduced interactive boards as a new addition to its classrooms for an enriched hybrid course formula. In addition to the benefits of our modern hybrid session, you will have access to a new and improved learning platform known as Apolearn, specially designed by AF’s pedagogical team for learning French, including self-correcting exercises that allow you to practice at your own pace from home.

All students will be given an introduction to the Apolearn platform at the beginning of the first class.

for Adults

Our French Courses Offer for Adults

Intensive French Courses

These programmes are designed to provide deep immersion in the subject studied, with extended lesson hours and dense content.  Rapid progress and consolidation of knowledge. Intensive courses are particularly suitable for people with tight deadlines or urgent learning needs. In short, intensive courses are an effective option for those who want to acquire specific skills quickly. They are placed before the DELF and DALF sessions so that progress can be officially certified if necessary.


Sessions Registration Start & End Date
Session 2 From 1st to 20 May From 20 to 31 May
Session 3 From 1 to 19 August From 19 to 30 August
Session 4 From 1 to 23 September From 23 September to 4 October
Session 5 From 1 to 25 November From 25 November to 6 December


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Standard French Courses

Start a structured and progressive approach to learning French, adapted to different levels of proficiency. They cover the four language skills: written and oral comprehension, as well as written and oral expression. These courses offer a variety of activities, such as grammar exercises, vocabulary exercises, dialogues and pronunciation exercises. Some courses also focus on Francophone culture and integrate cultural activities for a more complete immersion. Thanks to an interactive and dynamic approach, participants gradually acquire the skills they need to communicate effectively in French in a variety of contexts and to immerse themselves in French culture.


Sessions Registration Session Start & End Date
Session 2 From 20 March to 3 April Start on 8 April & Ends on 21 June
Session 3 From 21 June to 5 July Start on 8 July & Ends on 15 September
Session 4 From  15  to 28 September Start on 30 September & Ends on 8 December


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Conversation Workshops

These provide an opportunity to practise speaking in a relaxed environment, helping to improve linguistic fluency and expand vocabulary. What’s more, these workshops allow mistakes to be corrected by facilitators or peers, making it easier for participants to make progress. They also offer cultural immersion, helping to improve understanding of Francophone culture. By taking part in group discussions, learners strengthen their communication skills, making them a motivating and effective tool for progressing in French while broadening their cultural horizons. 


Workshop Date Workshop Time
Tuesdays from 2pm to 4pm
Saturdays from 2pm to 4pm





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Professional or diplomatic French Courses

A specialised approach to meet the unique needs of diplomacy and the world of work. These programmes aim to provide learners with the language skills they need to communicate effectively in a professional and diplomatic context. They focus on mastering oral and written communication skills, as well as understanding cultural and political nuances. Courses are often tailored to the specific needs of participants, focusing on professional vocabulary, writing official documents and negotiation skills. Through interactive and stimulating teaching methods, learners acquire the language skills they need to successfully carry out their assignments. In short, French language courses for diplomats and professionals aim to enhance their effectiveness in their work by providing them with the appropriate linguistic and cultural skills to interact in an international diplomatic and professional context.

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