Alliance has stepped up its cultural engagement with Ethiopia by expanding the number of cultural cooperation initiatives.

Our drive for creation, more specifically for arts which blends Ethiopian tradition with modern forms of expression, along with our belief that creative arts can serve as a springboard for new ideas and innovation are the main lines of action that makeup our cooperation activities.  

Our programmes vary from the direct support to artists, to more structural projects, which aim to strengthen Ethiopia’s creative industries. In both cases, these programmes aim to improve access to exchange opportunities, foster international cultural dialogue and critical sense, as well as promote innovation and creativity with longer-term actions, therefore ensuring more sustainable impact on society.

Find below additional information about these projects.

MOVEMENT VOCAB by Dawit Seto, an ethio-contemporary dancer and choreographer. Click for more

PAMFALON: an emerging reggae hip-hop producer.Click for more

Fond Franco-Allemand: « Âges, partages, héritages : un laboratoire éthiopien, Click for more




 EUNIC: Steps towards a thriving film industry in Ethiopia Click for more


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