New Year New Sessions,2024


Now, with 3 different locations Alliance is happy to announce that registration  for the March classes are open!

for Adults

Our French Courses for Adults

Become fluent in French with our comprehensive curriculum that includes the fun of learning!

Our courses are structured to meet your needs, whether for everyday use, professional purpose, or academic development.

Our qualified and expert teachers focus on getting you to interact, communicate and work in a group setting throughout the course, learning in a friendly and immersive environment.

Conversation Workshops

Tuesdays from 2pm to 4pm

Saturdays from 2pm to 4pm


Intensive French Courses

Session 2: 20-31 May 2024 ;

Session 3: 19-30 August 2024 ;

Session 4: 23 September to 4 October 2024

25 November to 6 December 2024


Extensive French Courses

Session 2: registration from 20 March to 3 April . Session starts on 8 April – session ends on 21 June.

Session 3: registration from 21 June to 5 July. Session begins on 8 July – session ends on 15 September.

Session 4: registration from 15/09 to 28/09. Session begins on 30 September – ends on 8 December.


Professional or diplomatic French Courses

With special objectives and made-to-measure > contact via email for a quote.

for Children & Teenagers

 Our French Courses for Children & Teenagers

French courses for kids and teenagers on Saturdays or during the holidays provide younger learners with the opportunity to learn French through a stimulating program, teaching children to communicate in French through games, songs and a variety of hands-on French activities.

The learners can also take the Delf Prim or Delf junior examinations.

Annual Course

Summer Classes

DELF Junior preparation session

One-off session from 6 to 17 May


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